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We offer new laptops with Apple warranty, as well as after-sale or post-lease equipment with 12-month warranty. All at excellent prices. Check out the MacBook range on the website or ask our advisor about the model you are looking for.

Post-lease MacBook Pro

MacBook has for years been counted among the most prestigious laptops available on the market, characterized by great looks and a reliable operating system. The first devices of the Apple brand in this series debuted in 1991 and to this day, along with iPhones, are considered revolutionary products that changed the face of the modern world. MacBooks are undoubtedly the best, but at the same time the most expensive laptops available on the market today. Of course, you can buy a new device directly from the manufacturer, but you can also have the same laptop at a much lower price, with the guarantee of excellent technical performance, modern design and excellent macOS. This is a fact, not a marketing ploy!

Apple ecosystem at half the price

The prices of new showroom MacBooks in the cheapest variants start at just a few thousand zlotys, while Pro version models can cost up to 12 thousand zlotys. You will admit yourself that this is a high price, which effectively discourages such a purchase.

We have a solution for this in the form of Apple MacBook Pro outlet at Post-lease MacBook Pro is an ideal solution for all those who want to have a branded MacBook in excellent visual and technical condition for much less money than models straight from the store shelf. Our devices in the highest variant can be had for as little as 4-5 thousand zlotys, which is the same as you would have to pay for a new laptop with mid-range and higher-end Windows. The post-lease MacBook Pro we offer is basically no different from the store version. These are usually devices that have not been used, only presented to customers,so you get practically new equipment for half its price. We also have models from so-called consumer returns, that is, shipped and returned to the store within 14 days. We also come across models brand new as part of the outlet offer at equally low prices.

MacBook Pro outlet - excellent quality at a competitive price.

All MacBook Pro Poleasingowy laptops, as well as other devices from the offer, undergo a detailed check before they are offered for sale. The laptops undergo specialized performance tests and, if necessary, are meticulously revitalized. When you buy a post-lease Apple MacBook Pro, you get fully operational hardware with legal software, full wiring at an attractive price and in excellent design. For each model, the hardware warranty is a full 12 months. Shopping at has another important advantage. We provide 100% refund or exchange of the device for another one, if, the received laptop does not meet your expectations or deviates from what you ordered. However, such situations do not happen with us!

Apple MacBook Pro outlet at is a sure purchase for reasonable money. Find the model for you or ask our advisor for details.